Dr. Oliver B. Greene
"From disgrace to grace..."
These are the words which Oliver Boyce Greene used to describe his personal testimony. Born on February 14, 1915 in Greenville, South Carolina, Greene began life as a very wicked boy. His heart was hard and full of sin, but at age twenty God convicted and saved him.

Five months after his salvation God called him to preach. He did attend Bible college for a while, but only stayed for two years. then, when he was 24, in 1935, he bought a tent, and for the next 35 years he traveled across America having tent revival services. He had a great love for preaching and for telling people what God had done in his life, and he only had to stop his tent revivals because of failing health. His effort was not at all in vain. His campaign records show that over 200,000 souls were saved through his ministry.

Poor health may have stopped his tent services, but it did not keep him from witnessing and preaching for the Lord. Instead, he now focused his attention on his radio program, The Gospel Hour, which he had begun in 1939, and still continues on now through his taped messages. It was Greene's desire with these taped sermons to "continue on The Gospel Hour hopefully until Christ comes back."

Dr. Greene went home to be with the Lord on July 26, 1976, but his desire was for his preaching to go out and be heard by people, and that is what is presented here. Brought from tape is a thirty part series he preached on "The Doctrine of the Grace of God."
Also included down below is his testimony in his own words as broadcasted on his radio program. You will want to begin by listening to Greene giving God the glory for his conversion before you continue on to listening to any of his other sermons.
Sermons by Dr. Greene

The Doctrine of the Grace of God

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