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Pictured: A few of the books that we print and make available. Please see below for complete list.

• Abide in Christ
• Absolute Surrender
• The Deeper Christian Life
• Humility
• Holiest of All, A Devotional Study of Hebrews
• The Key to the Missionary Problem
• The Master's Indwelling
• The Ministry of Ingtercession, Vol 1
• The New Life
• The New Life Workbook
• The Power of the Blood of Jesus & The Blood of the Cross
• The Prayer Life
• The Prophet Priest
• The School of Obedience
• The Secret of Fellowship
• The Spirit of Christ
• The State of The Churches
• The True Vine
• The Two Covenants
• Waiting on God
• With Christ in the School of Prayer
• The Inner Chamber
• Can You Trust Your Bible?
• Cremation, Divorce, and Other Matters
• Jude, A Commentary and Self Study
• God's Promise About Children
• 1 Peter, The True Grace of God
• Proverbs for the Family
• Repentance is More Than a Change of Mind
• Ten Ways to Study Your Bible
• What the Bible Says About Drinking Wine
• Why I Believe the Old King James Bible
• Christian Stewardship
• Genesis Study Outline
• Hebrews, Looking Unto Jesus
• John, The Bible Believers Handbook
• Mark General Study Outline
• New Lessons from Old Chuches
• Paul's Writings, Ephesians, Colossians, 1 & 2 Timothy, Titus
• Philippians General Study
• Revelation, A General Study
• Revelation, Seeing Christ More Clearly
• The Strategy of Preaching
• Balancing Out Your Prayer Life

• Adventures with Sister Abigail, Grace K. Swanger
• Bible Doctrines Affected by Modern Versions, Paul Freeman
• Bible Wines and the Laws of Fermentation
• Five Vows Every Christian Should Make and Keep, A.W. Tozer
• How to Live the Victorious Life by an Unknown Christian
• Three Fold Secret to Knowing the Holy Spirit, James McConkey
• Trail of Blood, J.M. Carroll
• The Fear of God, John Bunyan
• The History of the Christian Church, William Jones, 2 volume set
• The Surrendered Life, James McConkey
• The God-Planned Life, James McConkey
• Soul, Mind, Body by Lester Roloff
• Must Purity Be Sacrificed on the Altar of Unity?, Bert Esselink

• The Inscrutable Plan, Dr. Royal Truman
• Scripture Memorization Verses
   A compilation of 194 verses chosen for their spiritual truths.
• My Sermon Note Book
   A 5.5" x 8.5" 200 page lined note book for Sermon notes.

For Prices and To order, please phone us at 519.652.2619
or call
Toll Free: 1.866.295.4143
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