Bethel Baptist Print Ministry

A Brief History:

Bethel Baptist Print Ministry began in the fall of 1991. An old press was purchased for $2000.00, and our first pressman was a volunteer that had one week of training.

Initially, we began printing the O Timothy magazine, which is a monthly Christian publication put out by Way of Life. Within a month or two, Larry Ingalls, from Baptist Couriers for Christ, came by our church and asked if we would print materials to send to Eastern Europe and Russia. Throughout 1992-1994, many thousands of booklets, tracts, New Convert materials and Bible study aids were sent to those countries.

In the mid 1990’s we had many requests for christian materials and books to be sent to the Spanish speaking countries of Central America, Venezuela, and Colombia. One of our projects was to print 1000 christian songbooks for a remote tribe of Indians in Panama. About the same time, we printed 2000 songbooks in the Swahili language that were sent to the Congo.

Today two of our main customers are
Reformers Unanimous and Way of Life Literature. We also print for numerous other Pastors who have written books.

In the past few years Bethel Baptist Print Ministry has been continuously working on printing and sending christian materials to the Philippines.

Bethel Baptist Print Ministry is a work of faith. By way of illustration is the money that has been spent on equipment which has gone from the original $2,000.00 to over $400,000.00. We no longer use a press, all of our printing equipment is digital. It includes Xerox Nuvera 120 Digital copier, Xerox Docucolor 5000, plus 2 Xerox 4110 digital copiers. We also have a 30" Eurocutter, MBM stitcher/folder, Bourg perfect binder, folder, computers and other miscellaneous small pieces. Most of the money for these things has come from the sacrificial giving of our church family, plus from churches that support our print ministry.

The monthly operating expenses of our Print Shop runs between $7,000 to $8,000 per month. Volunteers still come in to help complete some of the labour in the Print Shop, but we also have 3 full-time employees. Operating expenses are paid for by book sales and financial support received from supporting churches, with the balance carried by our own church.

We earnestly covet your prayers so that this ministry may continue printing and sending materials for the Lord.

Our Mission:

Bethel Baptist Print Ministry is a ministry devoted to using the printed page to reach the lost and edify God’s people.

Our Ministry is funded by the sacrificial giving of God’s people here at our home church with the help of other churches and individuals here in Canada and the United States.

A Ministry such as ours has a tremendously overwhelming responsibility to get as much printed materials out into needy hands as possible. Our mission is to do all that we can with what God has given us.
We ask you to pray for Bethel Baptist Print Ministry and if you are able to assist in any other way as the Lord would lead, may the Lord bless you for it.

Paul commended the church at Philippi for their giving hearts, “Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account”.

Thank you, and may God bless you.

  Bethel Baptist Print Ministry.
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